Three simple letters to change your life? Can it be that simple?

M.S.A. a simple acronym that can have a powerful impact and can indeed change your life.

M - Mindset

Everything must start with your mindset. Without the proper mindset the rest will undoubtedly fail.

If you launch into something thinking, this won’t work, but I’ll give it a go. How do you think it will go? Not well - your mindset is off.

I’m not talking about the unrealistic realm of untethered positive thinking. Instead I’m talking about setting your mind on goals and objectives that might be a stretch, but are definitely within our reach. Find out what is possible and reach for it.

Believe and be positive about the capabilities, the strengths, and the passion you bring to life and your business.

More often than not the deciding factor people use to choose one option over another is the feeling they get from the people in the business. That feeling stems from the mindset held by you and your staff.

Decide to be positive. Decide to grasp your gifting and your abilities to help others. Recognize they are valuable and shift your mindset.

S - Strategy

Armed with a powerful mindset the next step in the three letters that can change your life is strategy.

Thinking strategically about the structures, frameworks, products, and services that you need to build to support your goals and your mindset is an essential step.

Don’t just start doing; start doing with a strategy in mind. Be clear about how you will fulfill the goals you have in mind for life and business.

A - Action

Peter Drucker stated,

What gets measured gets managed.

Your action should be concise and focused. Each step should contribute to a part of your marketing system that can be measured, managed, and improved.

Break down your strategy into small bite size pieces that can be accomplished.

I like to lean into David Allen’s approach from Getting Things Done and keep it simple. Do not draw out a full work-breakdown-structure (WBS) for your strategy. Just document the concise next steps in each area.

Get that done, then figure out what the next actionable step should be. Allen suggests that too often we try to plan before we have enough information to fully do so. Instead save the time, document what you very next task should be - then do it.

Three Steps to Change Your Life

If your business and your life is feeling stuck take time to consider how these three letters can refocus your mind, your strategy, and optimize your actions.

three letter to change your life Keep moving forward and be moving toward your goals.