I had the opportunity to interview Casey Zeman, the founder of Easy Webinar. We focused on how webinars are an excellent tool for building businesses.

Webinars can be used for:

  • Sharing your story
  • Building relationships and a connection
  • Educating existing clients
  • Sharing information
  • Attracting clients
  • Selling programs

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Webinars can be an essential tool to launch, build, or expand your business.

Using Easy Webinar helps simplify and automate several steps in the process of creating, promoting, and delivering webinars.

Built into the system is a way to create the numerous pages used in a webinar: the registration, thank you, and event pages. Easy Webinar helps make all of those and is integrated with a Wordpress plugin.

The tool also helps get people onto the webinar by including notifications. Those emails can be sent directly through Easy Webinar, or by using a email marketing tool. Easy Webinar will subscribe people onto the email list when they sign up for the webinar.

The tool helps take several hurdles out of the way in getting webinars done and available.

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